About me

For 29 years I have sculpted in clay. My studio in Philadelphia is nestled in the woods of valley green. The common questions are asked of me are, what inspires you?

How long does it take to complete a bust?

I draw the emotions out of the clay with a variety of inspirations, ranging from music I maybe listening to, or people waiting for a bus, and from the nature that surrounds me.

. My style has transformed over time from traditional to modern. This growth process occurred once I began to trust myself as an artist.

Another question frequently asked How long does it take to complete a piece?

A lifetime. The reason for this answer is that I keep working at my craft to become a better artist and that is a lifelong endeavor.

My current study of Kabbalah, specifically the 10 Sefirots, is reflected in my work. Our Sefirots create the environment through which the universe can be perfected. They are our spiritual energies of Mind and Emotion that I call the angels of our soul.

The first of these angels is Chochma, which is the creative and intuitive flash of intellectual illumination that has not yet been manifested.

My hope is that you enjoy my work as much as I have enjoyed making it.

I am a member of the National Sculpture Society. https://nationalsculpture.org